Neighborly Way was started out of a desire to help the most

vulnerable members of our community.

That's what founder Brandon Ayers told his friend when he finished his story. The story began with a community-centric tradesman's concern over a home he had just visited. At the beginning of the day, Paul was dispatched to a home for routine maintenance on an HVAC system. It turns out that this call was not the run of the mill air filter replacement and system check. The home Paul was visiting that morning was the home of a recently widowed woman who had never seen her furnace, let alone diagnosed its problems. Upon examination Paul realized that some other technician had billed this vulnerable member of his community for work that simply did not need to be done. Knowing she could not afford the service she actually needed after spending hundreds of dollars on work that a technician probably received a nice commission for but that she did not need, Paul pondered his options and told the woman he would be back at the end of the day. On lunch, Paul bought a pack of air filters and some distilled water for her sump pump back-up battery and he returned to the woman's home after his last service call of the day to switch out the air filter, refill the reservoir of the sump pump battery, and even refill her AC with Freon (which his boss donated since Paul was willing to donate his time) all free of charge to the woman, who was so relieved to get honest service from someone she could trust. That's when Brandon chimed in, "Helping people should be the right and easy thing to do" and an idea was born.

OUR MISSION is to provide valuable services to vulnerable members of our community through our network of hard-working neighbors. If you've ever shoveled a neighbor's driveway so a parent who works overnights doesn't need to worry about their kids getting to school the next morning, you understand the value of small acts of generosity on a person's life. We have built a team of hard-working men and women who are willing to go the extra mile for their neighbors. Our trusted providers are located within a few miles of the doorsteps of the valued but vulnerable community members who need a bit of help to take care of the things others take for granted.

"Helping people should be the right and easy thing to do."

Our Vision

Neighborly Way is an integral part of local communities by connecting the most vulnerable members of each community with its most accomplished and morally-centered professionals. Treating people how you want to be treated is the Golden Rule for a reason and Neighborly Way facilitates the fulfillment of the Golden Rule in neighborhoods from Main Street to Michigan Avenue.

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